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A Priceless Diamond Found In The Attic

priceless diamond
It's not quite a weird story as a priceless diamond recently found in the attic does not attract public attention. It is not a gem everybody like to see sparkling in the the sunlight. It's more than that.

It's about a man who's questioning his misery and blames God for this, not about a diamond as you may regard as the most expensive one in the world. Depressed and hopeless, he walked falteringly upstairs to the attic and decided to end his life.

He's in big debt, broken hearted and betrayed by all of his business partners. He Even lost his own priceless diamonds. Trapped in gambling evil game, lost all his belongings. And now that everything turned worse, he decided to hang himself in the attic.

It occurred to him, those bastards who are now smiling innocently after what had happened. They came to his dream again and again, showing him his priceless diamond and turned to be monsters. He would kill them if he could but ...

No more expectation in this world, he had already made a decision. Suicide was the last hope.

But, all of a sudden, the wind blew so hard--hurricane's coming! it ruined his house ... leaving him there alone with ...

Surprise: A priceless diamond!

How could it happen?

I don't know. I'm wondering if you have your own words to continue this stupid story.